Survey Existing Literature and Rethink Your Topic

The key word(s) you have indicated above should serve as guides to search for literature on the subject. You may use the catalogue system of a library by subjects to locate useful titles. Or ask your advisor or the instructors of courses you have taken for recommendations. Sometimes the internet also is a place where useful information on the subject can be collected. You may find the following websites helpful to you:

Up to this point in doing research, it is likely that you still do not know what to do with the topic. That is where further reading is in order. You need to read more on the subject that you have tentatively chosen and rethink your topic. But you do not have to go into the details of the discussion yet. Just read the relevant materials quickly for inspirations about how to break through the topic, i.e. how you can bring it down to one or two specific aspects. Rethink your topic and see how you can improve it.


Task 1
Restrict the Scope of Your Research
Task 2
Improve Some Titles

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