Analyze the Topic to Determine the Key Words

Although we use the word "final" above to refer to your topic, you need to bear in mind that choosing a topic is only the first step in preparing a thesis. "Final" in the above context means that you have finally made up your mind on which out of the many of your translating experiences you are interested in exploring. When viewed in the larger picture of the entire thesis project, the topic is actually "tentative" because if it is still too broad to be treated with any depth. You will have to limit the scope further and find your own focus of discussion. This process of narrowing is really one of discovering a topic within a topic. Go through the following steps and tasks, which are designed to help you restrict the scope of your research and define a focus.

Below is an account of how your fellow trainees determined the key words in their topics. Read it carefully and complete the following tasks. Then conduct an analysis of your own.

First, they broke down the topic into smaller structural units.


Task 1
Do Structural Analysis
Task 2
Locate Central Elements
Task 3
Do Semantic Analysis
Task 4
Determine the Key Words in Your Own Topic

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