Practical Project Design > preface

This course is structured on the flow of three-line development. The first line follows Wing Ling, a distance learner like yourself, carrying out her practical project. The second line presents to you skeleton frameworks showing you three other practical projects being implemented by Song Qin, Li Yue, and Wen Jing respectively. These three projects are half done, in comparison with Wing Ling's project, which is complete. The third line is your working line, that is, you carry out your own project, step by step, in very much the same way Wing Ling and others have done.

From your viewpoint, Wing Ling's project gives you a whole and complete demonstration of how to design and implement a practical project. The skeleton frameworks left over by Song Qin and her fellow learners, on the other hand, help you to practice designing and implementing your own project by modelling.

Physically speaking, this course has six units representing six stages of the whole project process. Each unit has two sections, namely Demo Section, and Working Section. As the titles show you, the Demo Section gives you a demo, while the Working Section gives you a space where you work on your own project. Units 2, 3, and 4, however, have an extra section, Practice Section, which gives you an opportunity to practice.

You may want to know, at this point: "Will I be given feedback for the practice I do?" My answer is "No". By now you may realize that the Practice Section has four skeleton project frameworks left incomplete by Song Qin, Li Yue, and Wen Jing. What you are going to do as a way of practice is to join one of them and practice with them. You will get supporting feedback from whomever you are working with. Repeat, you will only get supporting feedback, which is different from a complete answer to the questions you face.

It is worth noting, though, that you are allowed to choose as your own one of the projects those three learners are doing. This means that you can turn your practice with any of the three into part of your own project. It kills two birds with one stone, doesn't it?