Practical Project Design > preface

Yes, this course is designed to act like a dissertation-supervisor-in-print (DSIP). Does this mean that you will be driven out of job (¸)? No! You have the following indispensable duties to fulfill:

Meet your students at least twice in the twelve weeks, preferably at Week 2 and Week 9, that is, when your students are at Stage 2, and Stage 5 of their project.
Act as an information provider, that is, help your students with their references if necessary.
Act as a counselor, that is, give your students your professional advice when they find themselves in difficulty.
Act as a progress monitor, that is, you should make yourself constantly well-informed of your students' project progress. Make both your office phone and home phone accessible to them.
Act as an assessor, that is, assess your students' progress stage by stage, to make sure their work lives up to the standards.

As a way to help you fulfill your last duty, we have prepared, for each stage of the project, an assessment checklist. You can use this checklist as a yardstick to mark your students' work.