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bride-to-be n. a woman who is about to married 将成为新娘的女人
fiance n. the man one is going to marry.cf.fiancee-the woman one is going to marry 未婚夫
pass out   to faint,to lose consciousness 昏倒,失去知觉
consciousness n. the state of being aware of your surroundings.If you gaint,you lose your consiciousness 知觉,感知
pulmonary adj. relating to lungs 肺的,肺部的
embolism n. a blockage in a vein or artery in the body of a person or animal 栓塞
clot n. half-solid lump formed from liquid,esp.blood (血等的)凝块
thrombosis n. (医)血栓形成
prolonged adj. over a long period of time (时间)特别长的,持续时间久的
immobility n. a state in which one doesn't move.cf.the adjective immobile 不活动
track down   to trace,to discover the cause of something 跟踪找到,追查
systematically adv. completely 彻底地
enlist v. to persuade someone to help or support yo in something you are trying to do 谋取……的赞助(或支持),赢得(支持、帮助等)
scan v. to examine(with an instrument) 扫描检查(身体部位)
envisage v. to imagine a situation or of affairs as being true,real,or likely to happen 想像,设想
swollen adj. growing bigger;from the verb to swell 肿胀的
limb n. an arm or leg 肢,臂,腿
liable adj. legally responsible (for)."He was liable for his employees' accidents." 负有(法律)责任的
layout n. the way something is arranged.In this case,it is the way the seats are arranged in narrow rows. 安排,布局
provision n. supply of food and other things that are needed 供应品
hydration n. the process of causing to take up or combine with water or the elements of water 水合(作用)
half-hearted adj. not enthusiastic 兴趣不大的,不热心的
cramped adj. not allowing much room to move."The seats on that plant are very cramped." 狭窄的,受限制的
economy class   the part of the plant where most people sit.cf.business and first class seats 经济舱位
syndrome n. a medical state (医)综合症,综合症状
at risk   in danger 处境危险,遭受危险
caution v. to warn 警告,劝……小心
aspirin n. a common mild drug which reduces pain and fever 阿司匹林
dissovle v. to put something into the liquid so that it becomes mixed with the liquid 使溶解
economize v. to save money 节约,紧缩开支
air conditioning   system for keeping the air fresh and at the right temperature 空调设备
stale adj. not fresh.cf.stale bread (空气等)污浊的
germ n. harmful bacterium spreading disease 病菌,细菌
influenza n. a serious disease (short form: ’flu) The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 – 1919 killed more people than died in the First World War 流行性感冒,流感
charter n. It is possible to get cheaper seats on charter aircraft: these are specially commissioned to go on a particular flight on a particular day, but have no regular routes. If you fail to turn up, you lose your money. 包机
Qantas n. the main Australian airline 坎塔斯航空公司(澳大利亚的主要航空公司)
audio n. sound cf.video 声音,音响装置
segment n. part,extract 部分
distribute v. to hand out 分发,分送
unwary adj. the opposite of wary;wary means careful or cautious(in the face of danger). 不警觉的,没有防备的
rip one off   to cheat someone(esp.in American English) 剥削,欺诈
skim v. to take off 捞取
commission n. an amount of money paid to a salesman,or an agent,on goods purchased 佣金,回扣
disoriented adj. confused about one's directions 迷失方向的
on condition that   provided that, so long as 如果,在……条件下
disguised adj. hidden;from the verb to disguise 掩盖的,掩饰的
costly adj. expensive 昂贵的
optional adj. not compulsory 任选的,非强制的
pitch in   to contribute some money 作出贡献,投入资金
stifling adj. making you feel as if you cannot breathe properly 令人窒息的,气闷的
plead v. to give an excuse for doing something or for not doing something 提出……为借口
a heart of stone   A person with a heart of stone is someone with no feelings 铁石心肠
verify v. to make sure 核实,查清
tactics n. ways of achieving one's aim,techniques 策略,手段
baht n. 铢(泰国货币单位)
participant n. a person who participates 参加者,参与者
enrage v. to make angry 激怒
prompt v. to encourage,to make someone decide to take action 促使
the lowest-hanging fruit   the easiest people to make money out of (fruit that hangs low on a tree is easy to pick) 最容易从他们那里赚到钱的人
capitalize v. to take advantage of 利用,以……牟利
undertake v. to carry out 从事,开始进行
expedition n. a trip carried out for a purpose (为特定目的而作的)旅行,出行
unbeknownst adj. not known 未知的,不为人知的
cut n. a percentage (分得的)份额
inflate v. to raise,to increase 抬高(物价)
blatant adj. very obvious 极明显的
enact v. to put into place,to carry our 制定,通过(法案等)
go into effect   to be carried out;also come into effect 被实施,生效
scam n. trick,way of tricking people 诡计,阴谋,欺诈
unprecedented adj. without precedent,almost unique 无前例的,空前的
itinerary n. travel plan 旅行计划,路线
excessive adj. too much,unreasonable 过多的,过分的
detour n. a route which is not the shortest way from one place to another 绕行的路,迂回路
blacklist v. to put a person,country,product,etc.on a blacklist-a list of those to be avoided 把……列入黑名单
relay v. to repeat something to another person 传递,转达、
commission v. to order to be created 委托制作(或做、完成)(某事物)
on offer   available 提供的,供出售的
substandard adj. poor 不够标准的,在标准以下的
consenting adj. agreeing;from the verb to consent 赞同的,同意的
identification card   a card showing someone's identity,and identifying them as being official,also called ID card 身份证
premium n. a higher price than usual 过高价格

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