Formulate Your Title

Do you remember how you have chosen your topic according to your own translating experiences? The motivation for you to look into the topic comes from the curiosity arising from your own experiences. We have been showing you how to identify a worthy topic, namely the area to be under investigation. Also you have learned how to narrow the area down to a specific title expressed in clear and proper English. Now it is time for you to put to use what you have learned so far by formulating a title for your own BA degree paper.

Please write your title on the line below.

You can check your title against the following self-assessment criteria. Then give yourself a check if you have fulfilled each of item.



(Assessment Items)


(Assessment Criteria)








1. 标题与翻译研究相关。

 The title is relevant to translation study.


2. 标题明确具体指出研究重点。

 The title specifies the research focus.


3. 没有任何语言错误。

 There are no language errors.


4. 标题字数在10到20 个英文单词之间。

 The number of the words of the title is between
 10 and 20.


5. 标题中只有首个单词的首字母大写;或标题中首个单词和所有实词的首字母大写。如果标题含有书名,书名需要用斜体。

 Only the first letter of the first word in the title is capitalized; or the first letter of the first word and the first letters of all the content words (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs) in the title are capitalized. If the title happens to contain the name of a book, the name should be italicized.



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